Disable CrossWalk Usage

By default, WP-AppKit includes CrossWalk Cordova plugin, leading to a heavy final application (+20MB). To disable CrossWalk and reduce the size of the application, add the following in a php…

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Create a custom screen attached to a custom template

To create a custom app screen that is rendered using a custom template:

This creates a new screen in the app that can be reached at #my-custom-screen-fragment and is…

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2 categories for one component

As explained here Post List components queries can be customized using the wpak_posts_list_query_args filter hook. Here’s how to define a component (slug my-component-slug) that gets posts from 2 categories (my-first-category-slug and my-second-category-slug)…

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Customize Login Expiration Time

By default, the user connection is automatically maintained 3 days. After that time, user has to reconnect. You can use the wpak_auth_connection_expiration_time hook to customize this expiration time in a .php file…

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Customize Post List Component’s Queries

Post List components query can be customized using the wpak_posts_list_query_args filter hook. Internally, WP-AppKit Post List components’ queries are WP_Query objects. So basically, all customization that can be done on WP_Query objects…

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