Handle internal links

Let’s say that you have an internal link in one of your post content:

That points to the div with id=”my-internal-element”:

The thing is that internal links (beginning…

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Add a Cordova plugin to your app

To add a Cordova plugin to your app, add the plugin in the PhoneGap > Plugins box. For example:

Then you can use the plugin’s functions¬†(in this example…

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Re-activate Crosswalk

WP-AppKit version 1.5.2 has dropped support for CrossWalk. If you need to re-activate it for your app you can add the following to any php file in the php directory…

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Disable CrossWalk Usage

By default, WP-AppKit includes CrossWalk Cordova plugin, leading to a heavy final application (+20MB). To disable CrossWalk and reduce the size of the application, add the following in a php…

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Create a custom screen attached to a custom template

To create a custom app screen that is rendered using a custom template:

This creates a new screen in the app that can be reached at #my-custom-screen-fragment and is…

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