Build your WP-AppKit app with Cordova

Since October 2020, Adobe has discontinued PhoneGap Build and ended investment in PhoneGap, so PhoneGap Build cannot be used to build WP-AppKit apps anymore. To address this issue, since version…

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PhoneGap discontinued on October 1, 2020

PhoneGap has announced that they will stop PhoneGap development and discontinue the PhoneGap Build service on October 1, 2020. We are currently reviewing existing alternatives to PhoneGap Build so that…

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Dropping iOS Support 😱

Supporting iOS has always been a challenge for an open source project such as WP-AppKit. For several months, we have discussed this issue among the team as difficulties have increased. This article explains why we came to the conclusion that coming versions of WP-AppKit won’t support iOS hybrids apps anymore.

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One Signal: new add-on for WP-AppKit

Today, the WP-AppKit’s add-ons family welcomes a new member: One Signal for Wp-AppKit. One Signal is a service that allows to send notifications from any device (including web notifications) in…

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