This page displays the most frequent questions you ask us about WP-AppKit.

Also, don’t hesitate to look at the Features page which sums up the features WP-AppKit provides. You will also find answers about common use cases in our Tutorials and Snippets series. And of course, if you want to get deeper in what WP-AppKit is about, we maintain a complete documentation about it.

App Themes

Can I customize my apps?

Yes. WP-AppKit supports JavaScript based themes you can extend and customize at will (using JavaScript but also HTML and CSS).

Can I have social share buttons?

Yes. Using the PhoneGap Social Sharing plugin, you will be able to call the phone native sharing centers, making so easy to share your content. That includes email, SMS and WhatsApp.

Do you support infinite lists?

Yes. Our default themes supports infinite lists and of course, you can tweak that with the Themes API.

Can I use AdMob?

Yes. We have a tutorial on how you can integrate AdMob in your app’s theme.

Can I use AngularJS?

No. We use BackboneJS and UnderscoreJS as underlying technologies for app themes. On top of these, we propose a specific template hierarchy to build your app.

Can I use ReactJS?

No. We use BackboneJS and UnderscoreJS as underlying technologies for app themes. On top of these, we propose a specific template hierarchy to build your app.

Can I use Ionic?

No. Ionic is designed to only work with AngularJS. You can use any independent UI framework such Bootstrap or simply use vanilla HTML/CSS.

Can I use/convert my WordPress theme?

No. Apps done with WP-AppKit are able to pull content from your WordPress site but you can’t build a mobile app using a PHP based WordPress theme. You have to use a WP-AppKit theme (written in JavaScript, HTML and CSS). If your theme uses plugins, that’s something you’ll have to take in account as you may have to reproduce their functionalities in the app.


Do you support Custom Post Types and Custom Taxonomies?

Yes. You can use any Custom Post Types or Custom Taxonomies along with posts, pages, categories and tags.

Do you support Custom Fields?

Yes. By default, we don’t send Custom Fields to apps (to avoid performance issues). However, you can easily add the custom fields you need. By the way we have a nice tutorial about that 🙂 You can also use Advanced Custom Fields.

Do you support WordPress comments?

Yes. You can display WordPress comments (including threaded comments). Posting comments requires development.

Do you use the WP REST API?

We use a homemade (extendable) REST API. As the WP REST API is now integrated to WordPress core, we’ll probably rely on it in the future.

Is WP-AppKit compatible with WooCommerce?

You can display WooCommerce content (ie. products) in your themes as any other WordPress content. However, you’ll have to (re)develop functionalities such as cart or checkout.

Are you compatible with cache plugins?

Yes. You simply have to configure your cache plugin to ignore our web services (or cache them in the way you like). We have a tutorial about that. By the way, our friends at WP Rocket honored us supporting WP-AppKit by default.


Which mobile operating systems do you support?

We currently support iOS (8 and 9) and Android (4+ up to 7x). As we’re using the Cordova technology, we match its support.

How many applications can I create with WP-AppKit?

You can create an unlimited number of applications and an unlimited number of versions of each application.

Will my application work offline?

Yes. Apps done with WP-AppKit store content locally so you can access it offline. Developers can extend/customize this behavior.

Can I send push notifications?

Yes. But it is not implemented by default. We recommend that you use a service such as PushWoosh or OneSignal to implement push notifications for your app.

Do you compile applications for me?

No. You can use PhoneGap Build, an easy to use Adobe’s cloud compilation service or the classic Cordova CLI.

Can you release applications in app stores for me?

No. This is something you’ll have to do when your application is ready and compiled.

Do you take commissions to create applications?

No. We don’t take commissions. However, we maintain a list of developers and designers using WP-AppKit and we may forward your project description to them. Also, please be aware that we don’t guarantee an answer.

Can I use Cordova/PhoneGap plugins?

Yes. You can use any required Cordova/PhoneGap plugins in your applications.

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