Display WordPress Content
Any content done with WordPress can be displayed in a mobile app using WP-AppKit. Pick what you want to display directly from the WordPress admin. If you need for more advanced content display, developers can hook into our API to display anything you may need.
Create Your App
WP-AppKit provides a convenient way to create apps using themes. WP-AppKit comes with default themes for iOS and Android. Developers and designers have complete control over apps' functionalities and appearance.
Compile Apps
When your app is ready, it's time to compile it and release it in the app stores.WP-AppKit uses the Cordova technology (allowing to create apps with JavaScript, HTML and CSS). You can export your app and compile it with raw Cordova tools or VoltBuilder online service, a cloud compilation service with free and paid plans.

Open Source

WP-AppKit is FREE and will remain free. It is released under the GPL v2 or later.
You can download it from WordPress repository or from GitHub now and begin to build your app right away.