May 2020 – All WP-AppKit addons are now free and also available on github.

Mobile notifications are key to app’s engagement. It’s a great feature to offer to your users. It dramatically lowers the uninstall rate and keeps users returning to your app for new content. Unfortunatly, it is also a complex task to setup. The online platform Pushwoosh eases the process to get notifications for Android up and running. With Pushwoosh, you will be able to subscribe users and send Android notifications using a single tool.

Pushwoosh for WP-AppKit is an add-on that extends the WP-AppKit plugin to let you use Pushwoosh with your apps.


  • Subscribe users to notifications on Android.
  • Send notifications to Android users using the Pushwoosh platform.
  • Deeplink support (ie. open an article with a notification).

Pushwoosh for WP-AppKit is fully documented.

Please note that the current version of this add-on does not provide a way to send notifications directly from WordPress when publishing or updating a post. Notifications are sent from the PushWoosh interface. If you need this feature, it can be achieved by using the PushWoosh WordPress plugin and slightly hacking into it (because unfortunately there’s no hook) to support sending notifications to mobile apps. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

Installation And Requirements

  • Pushwoosh for WP-AppKit is an add-on forĀ WP-AppKit. To use it, you need to install the WP-AppKit WordPress plugin which is free and available on
  • Pushwoosh is an online advanced platform to send and manage mobile notifications. You’ll need to sign up for a Pushwoosh plan. Pushwoosh offers a free plan to start.
  • Please note that you will have to configure notifications for Android using your developer accounts (see documentation).
  • Notifications are sent using the Pushwoosh online interface.

  • Android
  • Pushwoosh SDK integration
  • Deeplinks

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