This weekend (12/05/2015), Mathieu and I, we’ve attended the WPTech event. WPTech is a French WordPress event dedicated to technical topics and held in Nantes, a city in the western part of France.

240 people have attended 10 talks on various technical topics. There was a wide range of talks, from technical SEO to how to create proper hooks. But we all agree that it is the REST API & Javascript year for the WordPress world. So we had a great talk from Maxime Bernard-Jacquet on the REST API. As WP-AppKit uses a REST API and Javascript for 2 years now, I must say that it is great to be mainstream 🙂

As usual, it has been also a great opportunity to meet people, learn and share.

For the second edition, the organizers have created a coding room where in-depth technical workshops were held. We’ve been lucky enough to present during 2 hours WP-AppKit and how to code an app theme. We’d like to thank all the workshop attendees. It has been a great moment to build with you this little app using the Star Wars API 🙂

For those who have asked:

At last, kudos to the organizers! It has been a great event.

Happy coding!

Published by Benjamin on December 7, 2015

Head of Digital for a press group, WordPress since 2008, WordCamp organizer, developer for the fun

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