To define a custom template (archive-my-category.html) for a given category (slug my-category):

Custom Post Type

To define a custom single template (single-my-post-type.html) for a given post type (post type’s slug: my-post-type):

And to define a custom archive template (archive-my-post-type.html) for the same post type (my-post-type):


To define a custom template (my-template.html) for a given component (component’s slug = “my-component-slug”)

To Know More

Here is the doc about:

Published by Mathieu on January 5, 2017

Freelance Senior Web Developer, WordPress since 2009, JS/Backbone since 2012, Custom Back-End devs, WebApps and Plugins for clients and the community.


  1. How to add category title in single.html page?


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