This is the last week of 2016. Mathieu, Lionel and I are going to get some well earned rest with our families during the coming week. (Yes, it means that support will be on low mode too :-).)

We close our last support ticket last Friday and a new user has been able to release his app on Google Play. Small or big projects, we are always thrilled to see what WP-AppKit allows you to do.

I must say it has been a tremendous year for us. We’ve been able to release 2 major versions of WP-AppKit. My favorite one is probably the 0.5 which came with the new Q starter themes. Q themes aims to provide iOS and Android themes which allow users to start their apps right away after WP-AppKit installation. We also rebuilt our website from scratch, notably to provide a better Doc section and new series of tutorials. As usual, we also attended WordCamps and WordPress meetups. (This is what’s great about WordPress: its community rocks! In 2017, find your event to meet people and share knowledge.) A special thanks to WordCamp Paris and Geneva people. BTW we hope to see you at WordCamp Europe in Paris next June.

We want to thank everyone who follows us on Twitter, Facebook, GitHub or has subscribed to our mailing list. We’ve received a lot of encouragement and it means a lot for us as we spend more and more free time on the project.

It worked fluently, thank you for the awesome work!

John I. on Support

Be sure that I always dance alone in front of my computer when I receive this kind of message on support 😉

We wish you and your families the best for this end of 2016 and the coming year!

Published by Benjamin on December 26, 2016

Head of Digital for a press group, WordPress since 2008, WordCamp organizer, developer for the fun


  1. Hi Benjamin, Mathieu & Lionel !

    It’s surely been a great year for WP-AppKit team.
    Don’t know where I’ve been wandering in WP County till december when I discovered your huge and wonderful plugin. Really, I was amazed by all its capabilities and, having read and worked a lot to tame it (at least to meet my needs) and thanks to this efficient and friendly support you provided to solve some issues, I’ve been able to reach the goal : in december 21st, my first Android app was born and launched !

    What a satisfaction for a low class designer such as me !
    It’s been one of my greatest adventures dealing with WP and its satellites. And all of this has been made possible by you team !

    WP-AppKit surely is my favorite plugin for a long time, and believe me, I’ve used a lot. I’ve some more projects in sight with it…

    You deserve a good rest ; enjoy it with all of your loved ones ! And for the coming year, please keep on this good job and keep WP-AppKit free. I know I’m not alone to be deeply grateful for it…

    Best wishes to all of you for 2017 !




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