Since October 2020, Adobe has discontinued PhoneGap Build and ended investment in PhoneGap, so PhoneGap Build cannot be used to build WP-AppKit apps anymore. To address this issue, since version 1.6.0 WP-AppKit allows to build apps directly with Cordova tools, or to use the Voltbuilder online service.

Here we will see how to build your WP-AppKit app with VoltBuilder.

Configure your WP-AppKit app

On WordPress side, in your WP-AppKit app edition panel, select the “Android – Native – VoltBuilder” platform, and configure your app theme and app components as for any WP-AppKit app (see Getting Started).

Then setup VoltBuilder config in the “VoltBuilder” box (App name, App ID, etc), as detailed in our “Getting Stated – Build native app” section.

Then click the “VoltBuilder – Export” button:

Dowload the exported zip file on your computer.

Build with VoltBuilder

Connect to VoltBuilder, go to “Upload” section and directly upload the previously download zip export:

VoltBuilder then builds the app and, when finished, gives you a QR code that you can scan to install your app.

Enjoy building your WP-AppKit apps with VoltBuilder!

Published by Mathieu on October 27, 2020

Freelance Senior Web Developer, WordPress since 2009, JS/Backbone since 2012, Custom Back-End devs, WebApps and Plugins for clients and the community.

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