Aaaand we’re back! Version 0.4 is ready for you to download:

User Authentication

This new version is a major step for WP-AppKit as it brings a long awaited feature: WordPress user login support. It means that you can now log users and get their capabilities right from your apps. We believe that user authentication is a major feature for content based apps. It allows countless applications from commenting to premium content. You asked us to implement that feature for a long time now but we had to find a way to have it secured and easy. So we spent the necessary time to search for the right solution and at the end, we chose to implement an RSA encrypted user authentication. We think that’s a convenient and easy way to have user login secured.

More info on user login in the doc:

You’ll also find an example of its implementation in the dedicated branch of our Bootstrap theme on Github:

WP CLI Support

Until now, exporting your app’s project to get it compiled in PhoneGap Build could be only done in the Applications admin panel. Now you can do it with WP CLI.

Hungry dev, doc about your new toy is here:

Revised Demo Themes

From day 1, we have a series of demo themes to help you get started with WP-AppKit. However, we were not satisfied with the way they were handled in Github. We also thought that they needed more comments love to do a better job helping users. Now, each demo theme has its own repository. Off-canvas and Tabs themes have been recommented from scratch and Off-canvas themes got a serious code lifting.

Currently, there’s 3 demo themes (for both iOS and Android):

Want to see themes in action? Check the 1 minute videos!

All videos are available on our YouTube channel:

As usual, we hope that you will enjoy this new version and make great apps! BTW don’t hesitate to tell us what you do with WP-AppKit. More and more of our users are showing us what they’ve done and it feels warm to see them creating awesome apps 🙂

Published by Benjamin on August 3, 2015

Head of Digital for a press group, WordPress since 2008, WordCamp organizer, developer for the fun


  1. Hi! This is a very nice plugin.
    I have one question that I haven’t been able to solve.
    I would like to add a Custom Post Type as a Component, but so that only the author of those custom posts can see them after login.
    Is it possible to setup this way?

    • Hi. Thank you. Yes it is possible. For that you can use a classic Post List component and the new 0.4 User Login feature. The work will done in the theme itself where you will grab the user’s name to compare it to the author’s name.


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