Dropping iOS Support 😱

Supporting iOS has always been a challenge for an open source project such as WP-AppKit. For several months, we have discussed this issue among the team as difficulties have increased. This article explains why we came to the conclusion that coming versions of WP-AppKit won’t support iOS hybrids apps anymore.

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WP-AppKit 1.2: Better Deeplinks

WP-AppKit 1.2 is there! So what does that mean for you? TLTR: when using deeplinks, you can now point towards posts, custom posts or pages that are not retrieved by…

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Meet WP-AppKit 1.0

WP-AppKit is officially out of beta! Icing on the cake, you will also find WP-AppKit in the official WordPress plugin repository.

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WP-AppKit 0.5: Devil is in The Details

The 0.5 is here! Today, we’re pleased to release a new version of WP-AppKit. It should make the themers’ life better. There’s no one killer feature but a series of careful enhancements as devil is in the details.

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