WP-AppKit 1.2 is there! So what does that mean for you?

TLTR: when using deeplinks, you can now point towards posts, custom posts or pages that are not retrieved by your app.

Download WP-AppKit on WordPress.org

Deeplinks are a great feature. To make it short, they allow to create special links to call your app and display a specific screen. For example, you could put links on your site to let users read articles using your app like Medium does on its mobile site.

Medium Open in apps button

WP-AppKit supports by default deeplinks. If you don’t know how to activate them, edit your app and search for the Deep Linking box. There you can create a custom URL scheme. Deeplinks are not standard http links. They use a scheme which is unique to your app. If you create the gomyapp scheme – which is not very unique but is a good example – you will be able to use links beginning by gomyapp://.

Deep Linking box in Edit panel

WP-AppKit 1.2 enhances the deeplinks by allowing to point towards content that may still be on the server. Before 1.2, you would point towards content that would always be there (eg. a dedicated page). It is still a good practice and many apps do that. They have a dedicated landing screen for deeplinking (notably when use with notifications). But in some cases, you want to point to content that has been not retrieved by your app yet. With 1.2, WP-AppKit does that by default. If the content has not been loaded in the app, it is dynamically retrieved from the server.

As usual, we like our version to have one core feature we focus on. For 1.2 it is the dynamic deeplinks. This version also comes with bug fixing and small enhancements. You can discover them in our changelog. We often choose the core features among our user requests and dynamic deeplinks are no exception. This is a good occasion to thank you (yes you :-)) for all the feedback on WP-AppKit. That helps a lot to make it better.

If you wonder if our new notification add-on is compatible with dynamic deeplinks. it is of course.

Download WP-AppKit on WordPress.org

Thank you for reading and happy coding!

Published by Benjamin on October 23, 2017

Head of Digital for a press group, WordPress since 2008, WordCamp organizer, developer for the fun

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  1. Hello!

    Great news! Looking forward to checking out this and all the other awesome new features with 1.2.



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