How To Add a Search Box To Your App

How do we get search for our apps? In this tutorial, we’re going to see how to add a search box to our WP-AppKit apps. This search will leverage the WordPress native search. We’ll be able to type keywords in a search field, send the request to the server where WordPress lives and get results in return.

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How To Integrate AdMod in Your WP-AppKit App

AdMob (by Google) is certainly one of the most used advertising solution for mobile apps. Like AdSense for websites, it allows to display various banner formats in your app. In this tutorial, we’ll see how to add AdMob banners to your WP-AppKit app’s theme.

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How To Install WP-AppKit With Nginx

By default, WP-AppKit is fully compatible with Apache web server. But how about Nginx? You may have to specifically configure your server in order to make our plugin work, so here’s why and how.

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